Dimitris Tapas Restaurant in Manchester and Didsbury

A Manchester Institution, Dimitri’s Taverna & Bar is a beloved restaurant that has prevailed for the last 25 years in Manchester’s city centre and has now expanded by opening the Olive & Vine in Didsbury.

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  • From quick dips to meaty masterpieces, seafood sensations, vegetarian delights, traditional tapas and meze, there is really something for everyone here.
    Our Food Menu is always a talking point, but there are hidden treasures to be discovered in our Wine List as well!

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  • Mount Olympus is more than 3,000 metres high and is the Abode of the Gods of Ancient Greece – who sit there apparently eating ambrosia and drinking nectar for infinity.
    In the summer of 2000, looking for more “divine recipes”, Dimitri and his Welsh-Jewish (on his mother's side) son Dan, together with Irish (on his mother's side) broadcaster Mike Harding, led their joint Manchester-Anglo-Welsh-Irish-Greek-Jewish Expedition party to Greece, with the aim of conquering the aforementioned “Abode of the Gods”.
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  • Two Lively Tavernas, one opposite the Hilton Hotel on Deansgate and another in Didsbury Village serving the best Tapas and Mezes in Greater Manchester.
    Every night is PARTY NIGHT at Dimitri's!

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  • If you are looking for good times remember there's live music and a late bar every weekend, but, in fact every night is party night at Dimitri's.

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  • Time Machine

    Dimitri's as an early adopter of the World Wide Web and the Internet, was quick to establish a "virtual" presence by commissioning a website in the mid 90s. Dimitri realised early enough that he had to interact with his customers in the new channels which they were starting to inhabit. That early website became our virtual front door and captured customers who were looking to discover and learn about our little Bar Taverna.
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  • Dimitri believes in providing fantastic food at reasonable prices and along with our fantastic menu, we regularly provide special Meal Deals together with some thrilling offers!

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    Dimitri has been making sure that all his customers are being wined and dined at a high standard for over 22 years. Our Gift Vouchers guarantee an extraordinary birthday celebration or a remarkable anniversary meal. Or you can simply offer our Vouchers as a Thank you gift to make sure people know how much you appreciate them.

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